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Infinity's primary goal is to provide a fun, mature community for players who don't want to have to worry about the "drama" so common in MMO guilds. We hate the "elitist" attitude of some guilds, but we still strive to continutally improve both our individual members and the guild as a whole. We welcome all mature and active players regardless of age or experience in the game. If Infinity sounds like a good fit for you, we welcome you to ask any questions you might have and apply to join Infinity on our forums. Thanks for your interest in Infinity Guild!

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Website & Forums Live!

HieronRemade, Jan 2, 11 12:44 PM.
Infinity Guild's official website and forums are now live! All members are strongly encouraged to register and start using the site, as it will eventually become our primary means of making announcements, planning, and otherwise communicating in the guild. Feel free to check things out and give us any feedback to improve things, as it's a work in progress!

Infinity returns to Siege Wars!

HieronRemade, Jan 1, 11 1:00 PM.
With the recent addition of several new members to the guild, Infinity is starting to Siege again! Siege Wars has always been the favorite activity of Infinity Guild so we're psyched to be able to start doing it again. Be sure to be in game at 11 pm EST to participate! We will be teaching our newer members about Siege Wars in the days ahead, as well as posting tutorial-style information and Siege strategies on the website. Stay tuned!

Infinity Welcomes Members from Sanctum!

HieronRemade, Jan 1, 11 12:57 PM.
We have recently been lucky enough to welcome several members from Sanctum guild! Not only are these guys sporting high-class endgame gear, but they're also very cool and excited to join Infinity and help us progress together as a guild! Be sure to welcome Casefred and his guildies to Infinity!
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Infinity uses a free voice chat program called Imvox, which can be downloaded HERE. Once installed, you'll be prompted to create an account. Please use your main character's name! After you've created an account, you can search for servers. Our server name is Infinity. The server has a password; you can find it in the forums HERE. If you have any questions or problems, just let us know.

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